Tall People

March 22, 2009

On Tuesday I did something to my upper back while lifting my bike.  This is a sure sign that either a) I need a lighter bike, or b) I need to work on my core strength.  In my defense, there was a full waterbottle and a very heavy bike light rechargable battery on the bike but still….that’s pathetic.

So I have spent the rest of the week bonding with my foam roller and stretching to get this thing worked out.  Thankfully swimming doesn’t seem to bother it, so I did manage to squeeze in antoher 11km this week.  Sadly I haven’t been able to run at all and I have had to take it easy on the bike, but I’m relieved not to have had to take a complete break.

This weekend has been insanely busy and a lot of fun.  On Friday we had our staff appreciation dinner for work and I managed to stay there until nearly midnight – which is unheard of for me!  Then on Saturday morning I went to a triathlon clinic with Brian and Becky Lavelle.  The weather wasn’t great so not many people showed up and I had an opportunity to shoot the breeze with them for a while.  I usually try to stay away from people that tall who make me look like I am still waiting for my teenage growth spurt, but I made an exception for them.  They seem like really down-to-earth people and it was fun to get to know them a little.  After the clinic I went to work at my triathlon store job where I got to rub shoulders with even more triathletes.  And then last night it was the annual triathlon association dinner at which Becky was the speaker.  Still more triathletes.  Of course I ended up at a table with two couples who were all close to six feet tall (once people get above 5’10 it’s really hard to tell from down here how tall they actually are!).  They are among the island’s fastest, so I am hoping that between them and Becky and Brian, that some serious speed rubbed off on me yesterday!

This morning there is a duathlon, which sadly I am not doing because of my back.  Instead I’m going to ride down there and watch.  It’s a rainy day so certainly not great weather for a race, but hopefully it will clear up soon as it so often does.

2 Responses to “Tall People”

  1. Bri Gaal Says:

    So how short are you?!

  2. marit c-l Says:

    Ignore Bri 😉 She’s over 5’10. I should know, as when I ran with her I had to look UP just to make eye contact. Mostly I looked ahead though. hee hee hee. Yeah – I’m short too. All 5 4′ glorious inches. But hey – there are good things about being short, right? Um…. I’ll let you know when I can think of a few.

    Good luck with the back! Hope it feels better soon. I love to hate and hate to love the foam roller.

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