April 14, 2009

GB and I had an amazing week on the Island.  It was really fun to show off my homeland and we were laughing about how this is the first time GB has been there given how long we have been together!  We did at least a million fun things, including renting a boat and anchoring near a reef so we could go snorkelling.  GB is as unreasonably terrified of barracuda as I am of black bears, so it was fun to have the tables turned and to be the brave one for a change!  For most of the week we were house sitting at a gorgeous house overlooking the ocean.  We spent lazy mornings having coffee in the sun and pretty much caught up on seven weeks’ worth of conversation and laughter.  It’s amazing how much fun we have doing absolutely nothing.

We spent the last two nights at my parents’ house which was chock full of both the frustrating and the magical moments that families are made of and that I think GB would have felt like the week was incomplete without.  We also got to catch up with some of the friends that were at our wedding and with the few who weren’t able to make it across the ocean.

GB did not want to leave the warm sunny days and ocean breezes, but after seven weeks on the Rock (eight, including the week GB was there), I was hankering for a visit to a major continent and also to spend time with the dogs and with GB’s family in Minnesota.  We flew into Minneapolis this weekend and have already crammed a week’s worth of good times into the past 36 hours or so.  It was so great to see Finn Dog who was beside himself with excitement.  I always harbor a secret fear that he’ll forget me while I’m gone, but alas, he has not yet and we are happily reunited again.  I’m here until next weekend and am so happy to be in the land of thaw and earthy smells.  It sounds weird, but while I grew up on the ocean, it’s the smell of Spring that makes me feel the most at home and reminds me of happy days on my Godparents’ farm.  I don’t know Minnesota that well and I don’t have many acquaintances here yet beyond GB’s friends.  But my dogs and my partner are here and as long as that is true, this is where home is.  It has been a surprisingly emotional trip here this time, I think because I realize how much I miss GB and the dogs when I’m here with them.  On the Rock it’s easier to put my head down and stay busy and block out some of the hard stuff.  Thankfully I will be back again in another two months and this time for the whole summer!  In the meantime I’m soaking up the smells and every moment I have with GB and the pups.


2 Responses to “Spring”

  1. cat Says:


    i don’t suppose you are people magazine reader, but just wondering if you saw the recent issue that had an article about a woman and her wife who have two sons, have been together for a bajillion years and one of the women is facing being deported.

    made me think of you. dang, i hope some more exposure to that kind of ridiculousness pushes it closer and closer to going away!!!

    enjoy the rest of your time in MN!

  2. NESS!! I loved reading this update…I miss hearing from you regularly (via your blog or last year when we were in vancouver!)…So glad you and GB are enjoying your time together! Glad all is well !!!

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