Bad Earthling

April 23, 2009

Yesterday was Earth Day and I somehow managed to be LESS environmentally responsible than I usually am – I drove further than I had to, used a disposable coffee cup, left some lights on in the house, and forgot to talk about Earth Day with my students. Oh well, I will make up for it another time. Maybe today. Can you tell that working in a Catholic School, I’m developing a strong sense of Catholic Guilt?

It’s good to be back on the rock after an amazing two weeks with GB. It was much easier to say ‘goodbye’ this time and I think we are getting into the groove of ‘hello and goodbye’, which is good because we still have another year of it! I think it was also easier this time because we each got to spend time in the other’s world and with the other’s family, so we are all caught up now. Also when I go back to Minnesota in June it will be for about ten weeks, so we will get to see lots and lots of each other.

It’s amazing how precious the little things become when you have been apart for so long. It’s so much fun to wake up together, or go for a walk together, or have a meal. These are things one quickly gets used to when they are available every day.

In other news, I am still fighting with my back pain. Nothing major but I seem to have just enough of a facet joint injury to make me uncomfortable at night and to prevent me from doing much running. Thankfully I did get two painless runs in this week, although I think that kickboxing yesterday afternoon might have set me back a few days (can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming!).
Other than that I am trying to catch up on the two weeks’ of sleep that I missed while GB and I were living it up with friends and family. Last night I scored almost ten hours of sleep, so perhaps I’m on my way to caught-up.


One Response to “Bad Earthling”

  1. Beth Says:

    Great to hear you had such a great time together with GB! 🙂 The 10 weeks in the summer with be awesome!!! And by the way, I think I’m always a bad Earthling. I drive a lot. We don’t live too close to anything. Booo on me…

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