May 7, 2009

I have to say, one enormous upside of being back home on the island is ocean swimming.  The water is up to 73 degrees now and is just perfect at the end of a hot day.  I am slowly and carefully reintroducing cycling and running back into my training but I have been swimming like a maniac.  In addition to my club swimming in the pool,  I now have a group of adults who do an open water swim every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work.  We usually swim somewhere between one km and one mile, so it’s nothing major but WELL worth it.  It functions as both a recovery swim for me in between pool days and as an opportunity to practice my open water swimming and sighting.  There is nothing like swimming over a coral reef in crystal clear water to wash away the stress of the day.

In other happy news, I have noticed since coming back from Easter Break that my fifth graders and I seem to be in a real routine.  After nearly three months together we have things going pretty smoothly and I feel like we’re in a real groove.  It’s so great to have things going smoothly now that we have all figured each other out.  I always find it difficult to get kids to switch between goofy (which I enjoy) and serious (which is necessary sometimes) and I feel like we have reached a place where the kids pick up on my cues so quickly and easily that the days are very smooth.  Of course, by saying this I’ve likely set myself up for a crazy day!

Well, here we are at Thursday!  I hope everyone has a great day.


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