Outdoor Shower

May 10, 2009


The view from my shower this morning

The view from my shower this morning

Back in the early days of our relationship, GB and I were housesitting at an amazing off-the-grid house in Massachusetts with a hot-water outdoor shower.  It was by far my favorite feature of the house although only operable during the warm weather, of course.  I swore that when we eventually build a house it will have one because I love them.  This weekend I’m housesitting for friends who have – you guessed it – an outdoor shower.  So this morning after my run I had a fabulous shower overlooking the ocean, as you can see.

Out of nowhere, it is suddenly summer here.  The temperature hasn’t been much above seventy, but the humidity is about 85% and you can pretty much drink the air.  I love it when it gets like this.  I’m not a big sweater usually when I exercise, but I love the glossy glow of running in the humidity.  Had I not been working at the triathlon store today I might have run straight to the beach and gone swimming.

Speaking of swimming, I have done plenty of that this week.  I had two solid pool sessions this week as well as three ocean swims.  I convinced my swim buddy to come to the ocean swim and I was so psyched when she showed up.  Just like in the pool we swam the entire way side by side and stroke for stroke.  It’s really fun to have someone who is so exactly matched with my pace.  I only wish I had someone like that to run with!

I can hardly believe there are only five weeks left until school gets out and I fly back to Minnesota for the summer.  It will be weird not having the ocean to train in but wonderful having GB and the dogs back in my life for ten weeks.  I am already researching tri training groups to see if I can get out and meet some triathletes in the Twin Cities.  I also need to keep building my training back so I’m ready to take on the racing season when I arrive.  This week has been a decent week of training and I managed two painless runs.  I may even try another tomorrow depending on how the morning goes.  In the meantime, I’m going to sit outside and marvel at the view.

Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers out there.  Here on the rock people say “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone in the same way that people say “Merry Christmas” or any other holiday greeting that applies to everyone.  It’s funny to hear people saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to men but I guess there’s no reason they  shouldn’t have a happy day too!


The dogs I am hanging out with this weekend

The dogs I am hanging out with this weekend

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