Back At It

May 21, 2009

It has been a long two months coming, but my back is finally in decent condition and I am able to train like a normal person again.  There are no ART practitioners on the island so it was difficult finding someone who could help fix the problem.  Nonetheless, I found him and am in much better shape after two weeks of excellent rehab.  I have been running regularly for close to two weeks now and am really loving it.  I’m also being very good about not doing too much too soon and am being duly rewarded.  To top it off, my gym workouts have been stellar and that is also paying off nicely.

Work is going fabulously and I am sad to be winding down to my last month with these awesome fifth graders.  I really got lucky with this bunch and it has been so much fun hanging out with them every day.  I worry that I haven’t taught them nearly enough, but no-one can say we haven’t laughed enough.  The enormous upshot of only having a month left here on the island is that it will only be one month until GB and I are reunited again for TEN WHOLE WEEKS!  I can barely contain myself at the thought.   I think we are managing really well with the distance, but I so miss being together as a team.  I miss coffee together in the morning and goodnight kisses before sleep.  I miss holding hands, and driving together, and even disagreeing about stuff.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.  You get the picture: I’m excited to be spending ten weeks with GB.  I’m also excited that while we haven’t been together for much of our first year of marriage, we will be together on our first anniversary.

We’re a little parched here on the Rock.  We rely on rain for our drinking/flushing/bathing water, so when it doesn’t rain for a really long time, we develop a situation.  It hasn’t rained here in WEEKS and people are getting very anxious about water.  You can buy more, of course, if you run out.  But it costs a fortune and the waiting list is over a week.  Luckily I am housesitting this week so I am not being subjected to my father’s militant approach to showers (ie. recording and calculating water consumption).  Hopefully it will rain soon.  And hard.  Then everyone can relax a little and we can take showers that last longer than a minute.

Well, that’s all the word for now.  I don’t have internet access at my housesit, hence the enormous gap in my blogging.  I’ll be back at it regularly again soon – especially now that I have some real training to report!


One Response to “Back At It”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    I’m SO EXCITED for you and GB to be together soon – and for 10 weeks! HOORAY!!! THAT is awesome 🙂 And yee haw for the back being better and running – that makes me happy as well. But not as happy as you and GB reuniting… yes – coffee in the morning with Your Other Half is wonderful.

    Keep up the great training!

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