The Search

May 26, 2009

I had an awesome long weekend with lots of solid workouts and equal portions of quality rest.  Consequently my body is feeling strong and healthy (mystery abdominal illness aside) and I feel like I have been able to absorb the training I have been doing.  I’ve had to make more than a few smart decisions to avoid getting injured and I’m proud to say that I seem to at least be learning that!

Every season I seem to reach a point of restlessness; of needing something I can’t find.  Of course if I knew what that thing was, I’d have a better idea of where to look!  This is the point in my season where I usually start to look for a fresh approach or something different.  Sometimes I get a new coach.  Other times, I just whine.  This year, the coach is me, and GB and I are in separate countries.  Which means I can’t fire my coach and the only person who can hear my whining is me! 

Partly I am lacking in training buddies.  I have an awesome swim buddy but no one to run or ride with.  I am absolutely eating up the running right now and am so happy that my body has been good to me, but I’ll admit that I’m less than enthusiastic about cycling these days.

Being my own coach has been great for a little increase in self-awareness.  I have rehabbed my way out of my back injury without a coach and I have kept an old ITB issue at bay without a coach.  Heck, I have even put together and followed what I believe to be a solid training plan without a coach.  Now that I have moved away from doing a workout because someone else is holding me accountable, I have really learned how to hold myself accountable.  Although I’m not in excellent running or cycling shape yet, I think I may in many ways  be stronger than I have ever been, physically.  The problem, I think, is that I need a cheerleader.  And part of the plan behind coaching myself was to learn how to be that cheerleader for myself.  I guess I’m having a lapse.  I want someone else to know what went into a workout and to say “great job, Ness!”.  Does that make me less self-aware?  Probably.  But I still want it.  I miss opening up a week’s workouts and seeing what’s in store.  The suspense is pretty much gone when you write your own, as much as I might try to surprise myself.  I’m not sure if this means I need a coach or I need an attitude adjustment.  Likely the latter.  With me, it’s usually the latter.


One Response to “The Search”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hey Ness – glad things are going well!!! GOOD JOB!!! 😉 I know what you mean though – it’s nice to have someone give a little encouragement every now and again. Hope you find what you need! Also hope the abdominal pain is improving? What ever happened with that?

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