Belly Busters

June 10, 2009

Last Friday I took twenty-eight fifth graders to the beach.  We had an absolute blast and the kids were really well behaved.  We spent a lot of time doing what island kids call ‘belly busters’.  This involves lining up along the back of the beach and then all at the same time running full tilt towards the water and throwing yourself belly-down onto the water.  It stings and is a lot of fun.  We did a lot of belly busters.  I’m sure it was difficult to tell which of us was the teacher in the group since I played as hard as the kids did.

On Saturday morning I woke up with extreme stiffness in both hips and quads.  As I moved my screaming legs and hips out of bed, I tried to remember the previous day’s workouts and to figure out why I was so sore. 

Then I remembered.  Belly Busters.  I had essentially done sprint repeats in the sand for about an hour.  Nice.

This week has been a busy one with lots of training at the front end of the week in preparation for no training in the middle of the week.  I had my surgery this morning and thankfully came out of the anesthetic very easily with no nausea or grogginess.  Well, I was a little sassy with the nurses, but that is allowed in the recovery room when you are under the influence.  Having fasted for my surgery, my first concern was food.  A nurse very kindly brought me two biscuits one of which I set about eating (this takes a long time when you have had a breathing tube in for a few hours and your throat is really sore), and the other I used my survival instincts to scurry away lest the nurse take it from me.  I did eventually finish them both and I don’t think even a Cliff Block on a long ride has ever tasted that good.

I think the most fun (and ego-boosting) part of the surgery was how the nurses would all come up to my monitor and marvel at my low heart rate, saying things like “you must be an athlete” or “so what do you do to keep so fit?”.  Of course, I lapped that right up.  My HR was actually so low that it was constantly setting off the alarms which consider a HR of below 45 bpms to be brachychardia (a medical condition which I do not have).  I got a real kick out of that.  To stop the annoying alarms I would have to move some body parts to get my HR to go up.

Anyway, the fun is all over and I am relieved that I woke up from the anesthetic (always a worry of mine that I won’t).  My incisions are very small and other than the fact that I look preggers from all the carbon dioxide they pumped into my abdominal cavity, I feel pretty good.  I am going to take tomorrow off since I suspect I will be more sore tomorrow, but I am very, very thankful for what has so far been a very quick and easy recovery.

Now I just have to get healthy for my plane ride on Saturday [grin].



June 4, 2009

On the whole, I would say things are going very well at the moment.  Now that my back is back to normal I am back in the full swing of training and am very pleased with how it is going.    I am also back in my routine of getting up and doing a workout before work which always makes my days that much better – and leaves a lot less training for the end of the day!

There are only nine sleeps left until I join GB in Massachusetts for our road trip back to our old stomping ground to see friends and family before we drive back to Minnesota for TEN weeks of togetherness.  Needless to say we are both pretty excited.

Next week I am having laparoscopic surgery to clean out the endometriosis found on a recent ultrasound and possibly the culprit behind my constant abdominal pain.  Even though this is fairly simple surgery, I am nervous to be going under general anesthetic and to not have GB nearby when I do.  I’m a total chicken about hospitals.  My surgery is on Wednesday and school finishes on Friday so my goal is to be there for the last day of school.  I’m hoping that I’ll recover from the surgery with super-human speed, but just in case I don’t, I have taken Thursday off.

Anyway, hopefully it will fix my recent health problems and won’t get too much in the way of my training.  The important thing is that I’m healthy enough to get on that plane on Saturday!