June 4, 2009

On the whole, I would say things are going very well at the moment.  Now that my back is back to normal I am back in the full swing of training and am very pleased with how it is going.    I am also back in my routine of getting up and doing a workout before work which always makes my days that much better – and leaves a lot less training for the end of the day!

There are only nine sleeps left until I join GB in Massachusetts for our road trip back to our old stomping ground to see friends and family before we drive back to Minnesota for TEN weeks of togetherness.  Needless to say we are both pretty excited.

Next week I am having laparoscopic surgery to clean out the endometriosis found on a recent ultrasound and possibly the culprit behind my constant abdominal pain.  Even though this is fairly simple surgery, I am nervous to be going under general anesthetic and to not have GB nearby when I do.  I’m a total chicken about hospitals.  My surgery is on Wednesday and school finishes on Friday so my goal is to be there for the last day of school.  I’m hoping that I’ll recover from the surgery with super-human speed, but just in case I don’t, I have taken Thursday off.

Anyway, hopefully it will fix my recent health problems and won’t get too much in the way of my training.  The important thing is that I’m healthy enough to get on that plane on Saturday!


One Response to “Chicken”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thinking of you tomorrow for your surgery!! I’m sure it will go fine and you will recover at super human speeds! And of course, wishing you a WONDERFUL trip to be with GB for the summer. YAY!

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