July 2, 2009

I am very happily residing in Minnesota once more.  When I wake up in the morning, GB is beside me, and when I come downstairs, Finn and Jack are there, so life is as it should be.  Of course, my in-laws are also there, but that’s because we are living in their house.  Lucky for all of us, we get along quite nicely.

We had a wonderful road trip here from New England and got to see some of our good friends (albeit very briefly) on the trip.  We were surprised to realize that while we miss our friends there, we don’t actually miss Massachusetts as much as we expected to, so it was not the sad trip we had anticipated.  So much has changed for us since December and I think we have associated moving towards our long-term plan with moving away from Massachusetts.  Funny how that happens.

Anyway, we are back in MN and very happy about it.  GB is working and I am playing housewife.  Mostly this involves sitting around drinking coffee, reading blogs, swimming, biking, running, lifting, resting, laundry, and cooking.  You will notice that a small minority of those items involve the betterment of the house, and most involve the betterment of me.  But hey, this is my summer vacation so I’m a half-assed housewife.  I don’t know anybody in the Twin Cities and quite frankly, don’t really know where or how I will meet people.

I spend large (frighteningly large) amounts of time at the gym but no-one seems to talk to anyone else there.  It’s an amazing gym and unlike any place I have ever been except for the gym Fedofsky goes to in Chicago.  There are seemingly hundreds of cardio machines and two giant rooms of weights.  There is a steam room, a dry sauna, two hot tubs, free towels, millions of lockers, a cafe…its’ like going to the spa.  Don’t tell anyone, but yesterday I went there at 11am and didn’t leave until nearly 3pm.  That place is worse than Facebook.  Like Facebook, but without the friends.

Other than that, I finally bought a new triathlon bike, the picture of which I will post in the near future.  It took us a few days to get acquainted, butt I’m now very happy with my purchase and I think it will make a big difference riding a bike that is ten years newer.

Training is going extremely well and since I recovered from my surgery I have had two very solid weeks and am feeling amazingly healthy and strong.  I am not expecting big things from my race next week but I am really excited to be racing.  I think it’s probably a little early in my season to be expecting huge improvements so I am focusing on August, September, and October for my A races.  Lifetime is my favorite race ever and I’m really excited to be back here for it again this year.

That’s all the word from the Midwest.  Maybe now I’m settled into my housewifely life, I’ll blog more.  Less to say and more time to say it.

It has been three weeks since my surgery and it is now a distant memory.  I did not recovery nearly as quickly as I initially thought I would, but I was back training within ten days, so I was hapy abo


One Response to “Stateside”

  1. Bri Gaal Says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your house-wifeyNess (haha). So I would friend you on fb but I realized I don’t know your name. How embarrassing.

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