Water Bottles (and Racing)

July 9, 2009

For some unknown reason, I am experiencing a dearth of water bottles.  I think we probably trimmed down our collection when we moved our stuff to MN and have somehow lost the rest since.  I know that there is one in the bushes on one of my ride routes, but other than that the rest are a mystery.  Get this: I was forced to BUY a water bottle yesterday!  This is something I am morally opposed to because a) there are already too many bottles floating around the planet and b) I get so many of these free through racing that I should never need to invest in one.  But alas, I did.  And wouldn’t you know?  It doesn’t fit in my bottle cage.

On Saturday I am racing Lifetime in Minneapolis (with an ill-shaped waterbottle crammed into my cage).  This is not an ‘A’ race for me and I am not expecting big things given my recent surgery recovery time.  However, I’m really excited for the race.  My training has been extremely solid and I have followed my workouts to the letter.  I am well-hydrated, I am rested, I am fit, I’ve been eating well, and I have a family fan base here in Minneapolis to cheer me on.  And what’s more?  For only the second time in my racing career, I’m going to sleep close enough to the race to walk there in the morning.  This is a huge load off my mind since I do not relish the pre-race drive, and I am very grateful to my sister- and brother-in-law for offering me a bed.

Last night I ran one loop of the run course to familiarize myself with it.  I have been trying to visualize a speedy and comfortable run since I have in the past had slow and painful 10k runs in races.  I raced Lifetime two years ago when GB’s Mom was having her brain surgery.  There was so much stress around that week and GB and I were exhausted beyond measure.  It was almost silly of me to go out there and race when I was already feeling so taxed, but I had registered long before we knew about the surgery and GB’s Mom was adamant that I race.  Thankfully the brain surgery was successful and I somehow finished the race.  I remember a painful, slogging feeling from the run and had the sensation of it being uphill even though it was totally flat.

I am not too caught up in time goals for Saturday.  I have banned myself from doing any predictive math.  Mostly what I want is my usual strong swim, a decent bike with good nutrition, and a run that feels magic.  I have been working very hard (especially mentally) on my run and I think I am probably due for a little time in the Zone.  Of course, this breaks the rules of measurable goals, but I’ll know if I achieved it by how I feel.  And besides, I’ll have GB and the many in-laws watching and cheering – what could be better?


One Response to “Water Bottles (and Racing)”

  1. Beth Says:

    Good luck Ness!!! I’ll be cheering from Pittsburgh!

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