Back on the Rock

September 20, 2009

I can’t believe it has been a month since I last posted!  I am back on the rock and fully in the swing of teaching again.  GB and I seem to be having an easier time being apart this time.  We are both busier than we were last year and I think now that we know we can still be ‘us’ after long stretches apart, we are feeling more relaxed about another year apart.  Also, GB will be here visiting in 3 weeks and I will be going back to MN for a week in November, so we know we have trips together coming up soon.

I have continued my training although I will admit, after I achieved ALL my season goals in my last race, I have been feeling a little less motivation to continue racing until November.  However, I have a sprint race next weekend and am excited to see how that goes.  My bike finally arrived yesterday (I shipped it here) and I put it together so I’m excited to ride that instead of my commuter mountain bike.  Swimming has been going reasonably well and running is about the only thing that hasn’t been interrupted at all by my geographic move across the world.  It is hotter than hot here, which means I have to do all my running before the sun comes up.  This makes for really peaceful running and really short nights of sleep.

Of course, I miss the dogs (especially the Finn man) but GB gives me regular updates and I will see them again in 2 months.

Anyway, life is good.  No complaints here.  I will post pictures of this spectacular island soon.


One Response to “Back on the Rock”

  1. Hey Ness! HOPE you are doing well and glad to see things are good. Happy 1 year anniversary to you and GB. :))) Just wanted to check in w/ you! GLAD you are good!

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