Maintaining the Magic

September 26, 2009

This morning I was reading an interesting blog article about how to keep the magic in your relationship.  I was ‘noogling’ as I call it when I’m surfing the internet with no real destination. Oddly these are often the times I stumble upon the most profound things.

The article listed twenty-one bonding behaviors that contribute to couples staying in love.  Reading the list, I realized that of these twenty-one behaviors, only three are possible with an ocean of distance between us.  These three are: giving unsolicited approval via compliments, listening intently and restating what you hear, and providing a service or treat without being asked.

The list made me ache for all eighteen behaviors we cannot do at the moment, especially the simple things like smiling at each other.  It also made me realize how important those three that I do have are; how important it is that I listen carefully during our phone calls and send snail mail letters whenever possible.  Certainly GB and I are having a much easier time being apart this time than we were in January, but we need to continue to nurture whatever ‘togetherness’ we have whenever we can. 

Fortunately GB will be here in almost exactly two weeks, so we can catch up on all the other bonding behaviors.  In the meantime, I will listen as carefully and intently as I can.

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