“Reply All”

November 30, 2009

I may have accidentally thrown down on an email to the morning ocean swim mailing list. 


The water is starting to get cold and most people have their wetsuits out by now (can you guess where this is going?).  I’ve been putting off wearing mine mostly because I would have to take it to work after swimming and nothing ever dries out in this damp air, so I’d have a wet wetsuit in my classroom.  Not cool.

Anyway, there was an email sent to the swimming mailing list by a guy who ships wetsuits here saying that they are now available.  I have an awesome BlueSeventy wetsuit which I had every intention of wearing this winter.  However, I responded to the email with the statement “wetsuits are for wimps” and hit “reply all”.  This was purely in fun and I was trying to take a dig at my male swim buddies who have been wetsuit-clad since the water was nearly 80 degrees.

HOWEVER, a woman whom I have only swum with once and hardly know at all, responded.  Essentially she went on a tirade about how she would love to see me try to last the winter without a wetsuit and how in her entire time of swimming, she’s only seen two people do that.  Her email came across as really angry and aggressive and I had obviously inadvertently offended her.  So, how to respond?

I could a) write an email back to her thus fuelling whatever is going on with her and creating unnecessary email drama.

I could b) ignore her.

or the obvious c) go all winter without a wetsuit.

The water will probably dip into the low 60s and I already get pretty cold when it’s 70, so we’ll see how this goes.  Typical of me to get myself into this situation completely by accident so that I feel I have to be an ambassador for women and prove that we too, can do the stupid things that men do and do them just as stupidly.

(Please note, if you are perhaps a volatile reader and read that earlier statement as “all things men do are stupid” and you are now feeling angry and combative, let’s take this into the water and have a little wetsuit-free swim off, shall we?)

2 Responses to ““Reply All””

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Oh man… 🙂 Some people are just full of themselves. I wonder what her deal is/was…?

    Good luck with the cold water swimming! I was just thinking of how “chilly” it was out here (40 degrees in the am) and how I hate being cold. And my former, winter and outdoor-coldness self just threw up a little. Have you read “Swimming to Antarctica” by Lynne Cox? Fantastic read – she does ALL of her OW swims without a wetsuit… year round off the California coast…(never mind the things that lurk below)

  2. Beth Says:

    Oh man…you fell victim to the “reply all”. Dang button. I wish that thing didn’t exist sometimes!! Anyway, I vote for choice “C” – going without the wetsuit. Mostly because I too want to see if you can do it. 😉 I know I would most likely not make it once it got below 70 degrees. Brrr!!! 😉

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