Finn Dog

April 19, 2010

After an amazing 21 cumulative days together during March and April, GB and I are on the final stretch of separation before I move up to MN to go to grad school.  Not that I’m counting, but that would be 16 weeks until we have our own home and I can make us coffee every day, and I can trip over the dogs when I get out of bed in the morning.  These are the things I really miss.

I’m pretty excited about the next four months.  I have already started giving private swimming lessons and these will get more frequent as the summer approaches.  I love coaching swimming, so it’s really a fun way for me to make money for tuition while enjoying myself at the same time.

In not-s0-great news, Finn bit somebody yesterday.  GB was a little reluctant to tell me about it given that I am all the way out here in the ocean and can’t do anything about it except worry.  I guess somebody walked onto the property (invited) at my in-laws and Finny took a bite out of his pants.  This is unheard of for Finn since he traditionally barks and runs away from strangers and never approaches someone he doesn’t know.

Perhaps he is taking his job as guard dog a little too seriously, but how do we teach him differently?  Obviously this is a major problem and a behavioral shift that worries me greatly.  Time to call Cesar Milan, I think….

I’m hoping that once we live in our own place and have our old pack dynamic back, Finn will remember who is alpha dog (me) and leave the biting up to me.

Fortunately he did not bite the person’s skin and only ripped his jeans.  And fortunately, the guy was an extremely good sport and laughed about it.  But still.  Not good.

Anyway, life on the rock continues to be good, especially now the weather is warming up.  Now that the days are getting longer, hopefully I’ll take more time for blogging and keeping in touch with blog friends.

2 Responses to “Finn Dog”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Well, if it makes you feel better – Tabbitha has bitten more people than Finn. But no one believes us…we give our friends and guests ample warning and still they doubt the abilities of The House Monster. Oh well- glad that everything worked out. And YEA!!! I’m so excited for the two of you – it really is those “little” things that make all the difference, eh? (And that you miss when you’re apart).

  2. Beth Says:

    Yeah – a blog entry! 🙂

    Poor Finn!! You know Roxy surprises us sometimes like that too – she hasn’t bit anyone but she will occasionally growl up a storm and snarl at certain people and we wonder “where does this come from?” Anyway – like you said – I think once you are all back in your normal positions Finn will be back to normal too!!

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