5 Miler

May 10, 2010

I decided to run a 5 miler on Sunday.  Without shoes, with a cold, and without taper.  The result was pretty good.

The fun thing about showing up to a race barefoot is that everyone wants to be your friend, or at least talk to you.  People want to know if it hurts and if not, why not.  I’m thinking of having a t-shirt made that says “If it hurt, I wouldn’t do it”.  Which is not entirely true – except in the case of barefoot running.

Anyway, it was a fun run and a good first-of-the-season pacing experience.  I had a pace in my head that I wanted to run.  This pace was about the same as my A-race triathlon 10k run from last August which, in hindsight, was pretty lofty.  I looked at my watch at mile one and saw that I was nearly 30 seconds under pace and thought “uh-oh, that’s going to hurt later”.  I was right, and my pace definitely slowed as the race went on.

There weren’t many people in the race and I managed to hold the third place female spot for 4 miles.  But then, just as I was flagging, a woman from behind trotted by me looking strong and fresh and I knew I didn’t have a chance.  I dragged myself through the final mile finishing 30 seconds behind her and barely holding on to 4th place.  My average pace for the race was a min/mile slower than I was hoping, but still a decent speed for this early in the season and just enough for an age group win.

After the race everyone wanted to look at the bottoms of my feet.  Apparently expecting blood and gashes, people were shocked that my feet actually looked better than theirs (which were blistered from their shoes!) and no different from how they were when I started – except dirtier!

Next week is a sprint tri.  I haven’t decided what to do about shoes during the run, but I’m tempted to shave those precious second off during T2…!

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